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DNB TraderGO mobile devices settings

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How to create bookmark for TraderGO on iPhone or iPad

DNB TraderGO supports only the newest Safari browser.

Create TraderGO bookmark on your Home Screen

In Safari open: tradergo.dnb.lt and click Menu:

TraderGO iOS Safari login


From Menu list choose "Add to home screen"

TraderGO iOS Safari settings


How to create TraderGO bookmark on Android device

DNB TraderGO supports only Android Chrome browser:

TraderGO supported Android Browsers

If you do not have Android Chrome yet, download it from Google Play.

Create TraderGO bookmark on Home Screen

In Android Chrome open: tradergo.dnb.lt and click Menu:

TraderGO Android Chrome login


From the menu list choose "Add to home screen":

TraderGO Android Chrome settings


Minimal requirements for laptop and desktop computers

On PCs (including Surface Pro), web browsers supported:

  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Firefox 25+
  • Google Chrome 30+

On Macs web browsers supported:

  • Safari (newest version)
  • Google Chrome (newest version)

Minimal requirements for phones and tablets


  • iOS 7+ with Safari (newest version)
  • Android 4+ with Chrome (newest version)


  • iOS 7+ with Safari (newest version)
  • Android 4+ with Chrome (newest version)
  • Blackberry BB10+ 

TraderGO does not support private browsing mode

DNB TraderGO running on browser on phone, tablet or desktop does not support private browsing mode. This include:

  • Internet Explorer - InPrivate browsing
  • Chrome - Incognito mode
  • Safari - Private browsing
  • FireFox - Private browsing