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Equity Research and Stock Screener guide

Equity Resarch

Allowing you to evaluate and research companies based on in-depth company fundamental data, Equity Research is available on over 11,000 stocks and is fully integrated into DNB Trade platform for easy access.

How to use Equity Resarch?

DNB Trade Equity Research

In DNB Trade platform click News and Research > Equity Research

In opened window you will be able to choose:

Equity ResearchDNB Trade platformoje

1. Summary and General Info give the key information for the company including:

  • Breakdown on the company’s PE, EPS, Dividend Yield and ROE etc.
  • Stock ratings (Buy/Hold/Sell)
  • Target prices
  • Company revenue splits

2. Financials reports offer 5 year historical and consensus estimates 3 years forward and full in-depth financial analysis.

3. Valuation shows a valuation analysis and valuation multiples with earnings trends and 3 years forward forecasts.

4. Comparable companies - for selected companies, we also offer a full peer analysis of the company against its pears and the market leaders.

Stock Screener

Equity Research subscription unlocks the stock criteria and results fields giving you full use of the Stock Screener currently available in the DNB Trade platform. Stock screener allows you to filter and sort stocks according to various criterias such as stock price, dividends, capitalization, financials and more.

How to use Stock Screener?

DNB Trade Stock Screener

In DNB Trade click News and Research > Stock Screener

In opened window you will be able to choose:

DNB Trade Stock Screen manual

  1. Create profile name and click SAVE AS. Next time you will be able to quickly access your predifined search
  2. Choose wich countries and industries you want to use in search. If you leave it blank, all countries and all industries will be used in search.
  3. Set criteria values, if you want to add more criterias click ADD NEW CRITERIA
  4. Choose stocks you like from results table and click ADD TO WATCHLIST

How to subscribe to Equity Research?

Equity Research requires a subscription which is 1.99 EUR per month for private clients and 200 EUR per month for corporate clients. In addition, you will get access to more than 250 Stock Screener's search criterias.

  • In the DNB Trade platform go to Account > Subscriptions > Manage Subscriptions > Analysis > Equity Research platform and click Subscribe. Take a look at exchange data subscription manual.