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Share and ETF trading commissions


Exchange Data Subscription

All equities trade on actual market data from the stock exchanges. To receive and trade on real-time market data, you will have to subscribe to the individual exchange.

For clients who trade equities and subscribe to real time market data, DNB Bank has introduced a refund scheme where fees are refunded. Read more about subscribing to Exchange Data Subscription.

Security Transfer

Security transfer from other bank/broker to DNB Trade platform

In order to transfer stocks TO DNB Trade platform, send request and details to: trade@dnb.lt. Transfer fee is equal to min. comission for the exchange where particular stock is trading . (For example, USD 14 per U.S. share transfer, EUR 10 for the German share transfer, etc.), but not less than 57.92 EUR per portfolio.

Security transfer from DNB Trade platform to other bank/broker

In order to transfer stocks FROM DNB Trade platform, send request and details to: trade@dnb.lt. For transfers of stocks from DNB Trade to your other broker, an exit fee of 30 EUR per ISIN will be charged.

Annual withholding tax on income earned in the USA

Annual 90 USD fee is applied to invesots, who received dividends or other similar payments from USA companies.

Pay 15% instead of 30% on dividends from USA

For DNB Trade clients, who choose to use GLOBE TAX SERVICES, INC. services, USA registered financial instrument dividends will be payed with 15% tax rate to DNB Trade account instead of normal 30%

Tax Reclaim Service for Beneficial Owners

When you invest cross border, your investment income may be over-taxed before you receive it. DNB Trade clients, who choose to use our partner's "Tax Reclaim Service for Beneficial Owners" services be able to reclaim some or all of this tax.